Perfect Imperfections

“Who, being loved, is poor?” – Oscar Wilde I, for one, believe that I am not! 😇 It’s March, my favourite month of the year. As a young and newlywed woman, who’s irrevocably in love, and who has just experienced a whole new world of emotions and thoughts, what else could I write about otherContinue reading “Perfect Imperfections”

A Tail’s Tale

Do the eyes of a DOG enchant you? If yes… Well, you are on the right page and you would, definitely, enjoy what’s going to follow. Read on 😊 The beginning of the bond between humans and dogs can be traced back to thousands of years. Dogs are said to be the first breed ofContinue reading “A Tail’s Tale”


Sitting by the French windows, in the comforts of my beautiful home, I gaze down at the green-coloured trams passing by. Although anyone observing me at that moment would assert that I was, maybe, doing a Ph.D. on trams by gazing at them, fact is – I was merely lost in my own thoughts; myContinue reading “NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!”