Web Content Management

I created, edited, and managed the content on these websites. I ensured the web content is optimized according to the specifications and style guidance laid out by the clients. Combining my skills with a good team of web designers, I made sure the websites ranked high in usability, findability, and accessibility.

Agency: Digital Confluent

Client: Saravanaa Bhavan

With the help of a web designer, I developed this website for the World’s Largest South-Indian Restaurant Chain – Saravanaa Bhavan (London).

Business: Curry on Naanstop

I revised the website content for this business which included uploading and updating CTAs, product descriptions, FAQs, contact details and images.

E-commerce: The Wedding Brigade

I created content for this e-commerce website, highlighting its services. To do so, I had to manage large chunks of data with highest standards of quality and accuracy – data that came in from all of India and a few neighboring countries.

Designer | Developer | Photographer | Videographer

Published by Devyani

Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you are going to read further – thank you, in advance! My name is Devyani, and I’m not your average scribbler but a professional writer, editor, and digital marketer with a knack for crafting easily digestible content and strategy - basically a conduit between the brand and consumer. I am someone who weaves her words with emotions. I find writing very therapeutic. A big fan of unconventional love stories; I love telling them and hate being restricted. I am a believer, with an attention span of a toddler; found to be the happiest in the company of children and dogs. I started this blog with a goal to create a space where I can post whatever, accurately, reflects what’s in my heart and on my mind. I want to share my personal experiences and interact with those going through similar situations. I, also, plan to use my blog to document my personal and professional growth, share my personal style, travel vlogs, and give tips on, almost, everything under the sun. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it! Read on! 😊

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